The Jacket That Changed The Game


New York nightlife has become a culture to us city dwellers. Those from all different ages and backgrounds agree that this is the city that never sleeps, and accordingly, neither do we. New Yorkers were made to last. We put up a fight and never quit. We are known for ambition, hard work, and passion. We handle cold weather, foot pain, taxi road rage, and most of all the crowds of people that will do anything to get into some of the city’s best venues. My list of essentials has been edited with a very important new edition to my closet, Covert NYC. A jacket that turns into a purse!!?? Dream no more.

Covert NYC was created by Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni that experienced the logistics of New York nightlife firsthand. Together they used their creative abilities to produce the most ideal jacket for not only a night out, but for any occasion. Covert jackets are well made (in the USA a may add), versatile, and most importantly fashionable.


*pictured top left is covert in a bag form*

I put my new jacket to the test by bringing it along with me for a lengthy Friday night. As soon as I walked into a packed venue, I immediately took off my jacket. Those around me were more than intrigued with my new bag. The rest of the night I had my Covert right around my shoulder. It is very lightweight, making it more than easy to carry as a purse. I observed reactions as I walked out the front door and converted into jacket form. Those close by me seemed more than interested in my convenient accessory.

*Pictures courtesy of*

But this is just the beginning. The fairly new brand is quickly growing and depending on New Yorkers (both geographically and at heart) to spread the word. You can get yours (and 10% off!!!!!) with the code LAURIA10. Go to and join the nightlife revolution.



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