The Fashionable Humans of New York

Traveling to different parts of the world gives me even great appreciation for my city. I thank New York for all of my new ideas, amazing opportunities, and individual style. I decided to look further into New York as a fashion hub. After research, fashion shows, and a TON of people watching, I made the determination that New York has some of the most creative, innovative, and bold humans in the means of fashion. Here is why:

  1. Street Style


One night on my way home from class, I was walking the streets of The Meatpacking District. I saw a man sitting at an outdoor cafe sipping a latte with his poodle seated next to him sipping from the same cup. My thoughts immediately led to “only in New York”. No where else in the country do you witness things like that. And I think street style works the same exact way. When I walk out the door, I can wear whatever I want. The city streets are here to serve as inspiration. I get some of my best style ideas from the shoppers in Soho. When I sit in Daniel Wellington at work, I love to ask locals where they purchased their clothing.

2. New York Fashion Week


DKNY Spring 2017

I was still in high school when I worked my very first New York Fashion Week. I was told “this is about to change your life forever” when the lights dimmed for the Rebecca Minkoff show all those seasons ago. It is more than just what is on the runway that creates an incredible experience that makes this city known around the world, it is the week as a whole. The streets where the shows are held have bloggers, editors, and celebrities wearing things together that are seen later in the season, New York night life is cluttered with all the models, locals or flown in from different world known cities, and of course, the collection. New York Fashion Week made me fall in love with the industry. I dream of the day of earning a front row seat at some of my favorite shows.



Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg Location

Although I can talk New York’s shopping selection for hours, I am going to try my best to summarize. I cannot walk out my door without looking into a window, looking at a price tag, or feeling a material with my hands. We have world class shopping minutes away. The luxury market and selection is one thing, but shopping is more fun when it is a hunt. Vintage stores line every shopping neighborhood where you get to learn some lessons from some fashionable previous owners. All those “vintage inspired” denim collections done by major retailers do not stand a chance.

I hope this inspires other locals to take a deeper look into our streets. You can learn something that social networks, magazines, and large retailers cannot teach you.





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