A Love Letter to Airplanes

College was one of the biggest transitions of my life. But today, I am more than grateful for all the wonderful people, experiences, and knowledge that it has given me. It is still just the beginning. But as I return and get back into the groove of a wonderful semester, I take a moment to appreciate the wonderful world of aviation, and try to explain the big question that I have struggled with for so long- Why is it that I love airplanes so much?


I know that growing up with such a heavy exposure to the sky would make me rather bias. When the phonetic alphabet is taught to you the same time as the english language, there isn’t any second thoughts on the importance that planes take. But for me it goes much deeper than technical language and aeronautical charts. These devices have transformed our world’s culture. They have made the impossible, possible. Airplanes have connected us all.

When I went away to school, anyone who knew I was a student pilot was rather confused. I would get strange looks followed by that one dreaded question- “Why?” How do I explain the whole basis of my future in a single statement? It could be because my most fond childhood memories were getting strapped into our Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP. It could be because our most common activity while waiting in an airport is “name that plane”. It also could be because of all the family members I have scattered around the world; it is planes that connect us.


On difficult days I like to remember the feeling of pulling back the controls to lift myself into amazing heights. I like to stop for a second and look up to try to guess the type of plane that is making its way over to JFK airport. I like to look back at my log book and remember some flights.

The world does look much different from 2000 feet. Flying over the beloved city of New York gives me greater appreciation for how large it is and how tiny we are. There was a day in time when the world was not in reach. And thanks to planes, you can wake up on the other side of the world, come on, that is pretty cool.

I sometimes like to dream about my future in the aviation community. I think about teaching my future children all different things about aircraft the way my siblings and I were taught. I like to think about building something experimental and taking it to airshows around the country. But most of all I dream about finding a better answer for the question “why?” I think this is a good start.




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