Remembering Japan

It is finally time to go back to school. I am more than excited to see all that New York City and Fashion Institute of Technology have to offer this semester. Before I exert all my energy into my internship, schoolwork, and outfit planning, I would like to look back on one of my biggest inspirational fashion destinations- Japan.

Summer of 2014 I traveled to Japan, this was the first Asian country that I had the chance of visiting without my parents. I immediately fell in love with the amazing culture. Exactly two years later, I am more than appreciative for the wonderful people and places that I was exposed to.


I describe Manhattan as chaos. Everyone is rushing, drawing attention, or getting in the way of other’s daily cycle. Tokyo’s streets were much more crowded. Tokyo is not just chaos, it is organized chaos. Everyone is moving, everyone has somewhere to be, but no one is getting in each others way. These four way crosswalks had a rhythm to them. The subway system was more than clean and clearly labeled, public facilities were nearly spotless, and the streets? You can probably eat off of them if need be.

The style in Tokyo was truly something worth seeing. Everyone seemed to walk out of their apartment as though they were shooting for some sort of comic book. These were not entertainers, but normal locals on the streets that were kind enough to let me photograph their style choices.

After spending a few days in the huge city, we explored the quaint side of things, Kyoto. Kyoto holds so much history. It is home of some of the last remaining Geisha. I am not talking about the ones who just wear the pretty dresses, but the ones who live there lives day in and out under geisha law. Although these girls do not like to be photographed, approached, or interacted with by American tourists, I was able to find some other friendly locals who dressed in a similar part. IMG_8139

These girls were visiting from another area of Japan. We just happened to bump into each other on the same green tea soft serve ice cream line.

Kyoto is where mountain ski village and suburban neighborhood meet. It was modern, yet had the charm of historical Japan. The streets were lined with beautiful temple and the shopping was some of the best that I have seen to this day. Every couple steps, I could not help but walking into a geisha shop, bakery, clothing store, or chopstick boutique.


I can go on for hours. But these were my highlights. It was truly the most amazing and inspirational destination that I have ever been to. I search the world near and far for that same feeling, but something always brings me back to Japan.

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